The Owners

Jack Crofts

Head Oyster Shucker/Spokesman

 I am Jack Crofts. I have been shucking since I was six and I am now a pro as well as bringing expertise of oysters and there origins. My parents moved from England and bought a seafood business in Kelowna BC in 2002. I have worked there for the past 6 months and have grown to love seafood even more then I already did.

Andrew Ly

I am Andrew Ly. I have two older siblings, a sister and a brother. I am a second generation immigrant born to Vietnamese parents. I've grown up experiencing seafood and enjoying it for my whole life since my parents opened a sushi restaurant when I was six. I love the idea of the Oyster Barrow because it can help me share my love of seafood with others.

Alex Hurd

I am Alex Hurd and i have a family of one brother and my two wonderful parents. I am a outdoorsy person and always loving the ocean. I have loved seafood ever since i was little and have always enjoyed it. I love the idea of The Oyster Barrow and feel it is my duty to bring tasty seafood two everyone.